Cemetery Tour

Walk with the Dead Cemetery Walking Tour

Walk with the Dead Cemetery Walking Tour

October 2017
5pm Saturday October 28
See you next year boys!


Uncover tales from the grave of Aspen’s oldest burial ground.

A guided walk through Aspen’s first burial ground, the Ute Cemetery, tells the story of the pioneers of “Ute City”.  Hear of the lonely buffalo soldier and toast to the Scotsman.  This entertaining, educational, and reflective tour of an Aspen cemetery brings visitors to a unique and almost forgotten spot in Aspen’s history off the beaten path. (60 min.)

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*Private Tours available Spring, Summer & Fall*
Call to inquire

Private bookings only
except during October
Please call (970) 948-4349 to arrange this tour

“The Walking With The Dead tour rests artfully somewhere between dry textbook history learning, and the “creeps jumping out at you with chainsaws” intensity of today’s haunted houses.” Where Aspen’s History Lies read  article!

 Offered in October or for Private Groups during spring, summer & fall.

Watch video below.

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