Walk on the Storied Side
“Sometimes, we take Aspen for granted, and other times it’s easier to let its history go, too….” read article
-Aspen Daily News

Aspen After Dark
“Ghosts abound. Screams fill the air. Blood flows across bar room floors. Amazingly, those images come to life…” read article
-Aspen Times

Haunted Aspen: Ghost at the Hotel Jerome?
“After hearing all these stories, I saw the hotel in a new light when I came back…” read article
-Chris Around the World

Digging Up the Past: Walk with the dead tours
“Stand over a gravestone and know the greater story — that’s pretty neat…” read article
-Aspen Times

Walking with the Dead
“The darker events from Aspen’s history are glossed over in the story of Aspen the resort,…” read article
-Aspen Daily News, Time Out

Bringing History to Life
“Wheeler was the “other” Wheeler who was instrumental in the founding of the town…” read article
-Aspen Times

Where Aspen’s History Lies
“The Walking With The Dead tour rests artfully somewhere between dry textbook history learning, and the “creeps jumping out…” read article

-Aspen Public Radio (clip coming soon)