We are always striving to create a great Aspen experience, but don’t just take our word for it…


– “Great tours to delve deeper into the humble beginnings (and sometimes the dark side) of Aspen and the cast of characters that made the town what it is today. Dean is an interesting guide, very charming (ladies take note) and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the area. We’ve done 2 of the 3 tours. I’d highly recommend Aspen’s Past to Present. It’s during the day and you can see the historical landmarks, markings on the old buildings, the “water boy” picture at Hotel Jerome, and some fascinating maps in the library. Plus, you get to sample the Aspen Crud, a milkshake (with a kick) likely invented around the time of prohibition. But if you can, do every tour and get a feel for the Aspen Idea; it’s more than a ski town.” Lynn A. (Albuquerque, New Mexico) March 2013

– “The tour was wonderful. Dean is an awesome story teller. Aspen’s history is very exciting and how better to learn about it than through the dark side of the Aspen. The tour was thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend this tour!!” Louise M (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) October 2012

– “We thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining evening tour! Dean is an incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide and the stories he shared were interesting and ones we had never heard before. It was a great way to learn more about the architecture and history of Aspen that you don’t usually find in the guidebooks. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun way to spend an evening in Aspen!” Helen GA (Palm Beach, Florida) August 2012

– “Dean Weiler, tour guide, historian and professional yarnster, took my mother & I on the most informative and entertaining tour of Aspen. While he has several tours that he leads, we signed up for “Aspen’s Darkside”. From the moment we met Dean, we knew this tour was going to be special. It had been dumping rain and my mother is a bit unstable on her feet. We were reluctant to go. Dean though made a personal call to let us know the tour was a go rain or shine – and shine it did . Dean regaled us with Aspen’s history albeit from a macabre point of entry. He covered the history of the town from inception to the present while providing us with juicy pieces of Aspen’s colorful lore from tommyknockers to Ted Bundy. What can I say? We had a blast. Dean is replete with knowledge and his mode of delivery is that of a Dickensian fireside storyteller. Seems that he brought us some spectral luck too; evidence suggests that a lively spook kept unlocking our hotel room at the Jerome! I love a haunting. Thank you Dean for the most memorable night.”  Andrew R (Los Angeles, California) July 2011

– “I’m a local Aspenite, and have now done two of Dean’s tours. Dean doesn’t fail to surprise me with bits of Aspen’s history, and provide a few good laughs along the way.  A great way to see and learn more about downtown Aspen’s rich history.” June 2012

– “We seriously enjoyed the walk with you, maybe more than any other single event in Aspen.  It was the perfect fit for us.  Kinda creepy, but absolutely unique and interesting.  Plus my husband is slightly obsessed with history, so he was thrilled.  Thanks again!!”  -Rita & Aaron 9/10

–  “I went on the Dark Side of Aspen walking tour and had great time. I never new all scary gost stories Aspen had. Very eye opening. I would recommend anyone who has any intrest in gost stories to go on this tour. You won’t be disappoined!” – Heidi C. (San Miguel CO) 9/09

–  “Thanks so much for the walking tour of Aspen. My family has enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing the stories behind the parks and the buildings.” – Kate K. (Northbrook, IL) 9/09

–  “Thanks. Everyone raved about the tour” Peter W. (Aspen, CO) 8/09

–  “I’ve lived in Aspen for 30 years and was surprised about how much I learned” – Bob K. (Aspen, CO) 7/08

– “My fifteen year old is hard to please and she loved it!”

– “Great Story Teller” Loraine (Santa Barbara, CA) 6/10

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